Insurance    questions 


  We are striving to understand the changes and ramifications of the ACA (Obama Care) and how to adjust if necessary.   As far as we can tell at this point in Nov 2016,  the provision of health care will continue without interruption. 

    We will work with you any way we can.   We sign up for just about any insurance plan our patients need us to and that we able, (due to rules, geography etc).  We understand that no one these days wants to pay a big co-pay.  We are on Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and hosts of commercial plans.  With regard to the Obama Care health exchange, it appears we are on 1/1 plans available in our area.  If you need specific information call our office and ask for insurance.  They should be able to look up your plan and if not already a provider for them, start the process of getting on your plan.  Who wants to travel when they are sick?  We understand.  We are here for you . 918-273-0140