Family Medicine

Family Medicine services offered in Nowata and South Coffeyville, OK

Green Country Medical: Nowata Family Medicine provides full-scope family medicine to care for you and your loved ones. David Caughell, MD, offers many proactive and preventive services at the Nowata and South Coffevyille, Oklahoma, offices. The team cares for patients of all ages and is open for walk-ins. Call today to schedule an appointment or reserve online through the website’s booking tool.

Family Medicine Q&A

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is a primary care specialty and philosophy that considers the health of the entire family unit. These services provide custom care for you and your family specific to your unique needs.

Family Medicine includes physical exams and acute care to monitor your health. Moreover, family medicine encompasses practices that are considerate of your age, like geriatrics, to provide accessible health care.

Does family medicine include preventive services?

Family medicine is a large umbrella term under which many services, such as preventive services, fall. The friendly specialists at the Nowata, Oklahoma office tailor many preventive services around your needs.

Their team of experts can offer:

  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Physical exams
  • Weight management
  • EKGs
  • Family planning
  • Skin and mole screening
  • Referrals

While not a comprehensive list, many of these services promote the well-being of you and your family by being proactive. 

Is family medicine the same as internal medicine?

With a family medicine doctor, one primary goal is to have a healthcare provider that grows with you and your family. This allows the physician to understand the ins and outs of your family. Family medicine is all about maintaining familiarity and strong connections with families and individuals.

While both offer comprehensive primary care, a family physician may be more accustomed to providing adolescent care. Additionally, because family doctors work with the entire family unit, they also have more experience with geriatric care.

Internal medicine doctors may have more specialized care around certain populations of adults and may not be as familiar with children or older patients.

What are the benefits of family medicine?

Family medicine helps establish strong communication between you, your loved ones, and your health care provider. Family medicine services consider the health of the entire family unit and personalize services to your needs in the process. 

Family Medicine allows you to remain aware of your current health status and maintain a stronger quality of life. Moreover, since Dr. Caughell has insight into your family’s needs, he can provide more thorough health care.

To learn more about family medicine, call the experts at our Nowata or South Coffeyville offices or book online through the scheduling tool.